Category: DNA

Development of a High-Throughput Microfluidic qPCR System for the Quantitative Determination of Quality-Relevant Bacteria in Cheese

The composition of the cheese microbiome has an necessary influence on the sensorial high quality and security of cheese. Subsequently, a lot effort has been made to analyze the microbial group composition of cheese. Quantitative real-time polymerase chain response (qPCR) is a well-established technique for detecting and quantifying micro organism. Excessive-throughput qPCR (HT-qPCR) utilizing microfluidics

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Enhanced asymmetric blocked qPCR method for affordable detection of point mutations in KRAS oncogene

An correct genetic diagnostic is essential for enough affected person administration and the suitability of healthcare techniques. The scientific problem lies in growing strategies to discriminate these sufferers with sure genetic variations current in tumor cells at low concentrations. We report a technique referred to as enhanced uneven blocked qPCR (EAB-qPCR) that promotes the blocker

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